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Those who never try
Are those who cry
Never risking it all
They’re dead before they die

Those who fear pain
Are those who complain
Tied up in mental chains
Only their minds they strain

Those looking for a sign
Are those who whine
Never able to shine
Waiting on intervention divine

Those who never take the leap
Are those who weep
Spend their lives asleep
Follow the herd like sheep

Those afraid of the unknown
Are those who moan
Scared of being alone
Never coming into their own

Those who mumble
Are those who grumble
Never roar and rumble
Poke them, they crumble

Those who never sigh
Are those who never cry
Aching to kiss the sky
They soar and they fly

Those braving storm and rain
Are those who never complain
They smile when slain
Even their deaths aren’t in vain

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The warrior mind is one that is absolutely still and concentrated, like untouched water. It is immersed in its surroundings, alert and aware of everything transpiring in its immediate environment. Yet, it is not transfixed on any of it.

For, if it gets absorbed in the minor details it can very well have the head, in which it resides so comfortably, sliced off in an instant. It does not concentrate because concentration is exclusive. Concentration requires effort. It is simply aware because awareness is all-inclusive and effortless. It receives it all but does not label. …

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A friend of mine and I found common ground (no pun intended) when it came to gardening, planting, and even a particular plant species. We could not, however, agree on how to raise these exotic creatures. My friend preferred to have every aspect of the plant’s environment controlled and monitored down to a decimal. He had the lights, the pH meter, the tent, the works. Every facet of the environment was tinkered to the plant’s liking and everything was monitored to ensure it stayed within defined parameters. She was treated like a mad-scientist-king would treat the newly born princesses.


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A white revolution

The space you live in and its flow has implicit and subtle effects on the quality of your overall life. Powerful second and third level effects, to which we remain oblivious. Your living quarters dictate how you spend your hours; your hours decide your days, your day rule your weeks and months which lay down the blueprint of your life. This was starting to become apparent to me as I stared at the blueprint of my room. Now that I have been living in this new space for over three weeks, I can attest to its raw power.

“Home should…

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This is to all those out there.

This is to all those who now live every moment with muscles wound uptight, teeth grated to a powder, nerves tensed and jaws clenched. Who have somehow managed to unlearn that which was never taught, the ability to relax. Who now have only memories of what it is like to not feel uptight, to let loose, and to simply be.

This is to all those who relentlessly try to swim upstream, battling against the flow of the river of time. Those who do not afford themselves a break out of fear of losing…

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When can a boy
Be called a man?
How does a thought
Grow into a plan?

When can a seed
Be called a tree?
How many drops
Make a mighty sea?

When do men
Discover what they desire?
How does it spark
That eternal inner fire?

When does a student
Begin to teach?
How much sand
Forms a beach?

When does the silence
Begin to speak?
How does a day
Turn into a week?

When can a cell
Be called alive?
How many of them
Before you term it life?

When do I stop looking
So that I can see?
How do I unbecome
All that has become me?

When do I surrender
To set me free?
How do I disappear
So that I can be?

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Experienced virtually or in a reality, a feeling will always be authentic to the one who feels it. Never doubt what you feel, never question it. Never allow it to be invalidated or branded inauthentic. It matters not where you feel it or when you feel it. It matters not if it is a fleeting feeling or one that stays; a feeling that is real to you is real, period.

That is the nature of feelings. They are peculiarly exclusive and intangible. I can never hope to know exactly how you feel, nor can you know how I feel. Even…

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मेरे कमरे की खिड़की पर
हर रोज़ एक कौआ आए
झाकेँ शैतानी नज़रो से
फिर वो कहर मचाए

उसका एक ही मकसत
दिन भर मुझे सतना
मेरे सुख चैन नोच लेना
ये है उसने ठाना

वो रोए या वो गाए
मेरी समाज नहीं आए
वो चीखें या चीलाए
क्या वो कहना चाहे

बार बार लगातार किए वार
बरहम कुन ना घबराए
आज़ माये कितने पैतरे
वो बेसुरा गाए जाए

हो सुबह या हो शाम
जीतता वही जाए
राते भी मेरी हराम
ज़ालिम सपनो मे भी आए

मानी मैंने हार
करले जो तू चाहे
बस इतना मुझे बताए
तीस मंज़िल की ये इमारत
इसी खिड़की पे क्यों तू आए?

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To know all you are
And all you are not
Rest in that space
That lies between thought

Only a punctured ego
Reduced to a dot
Can dwell in that space
That lies between thought

Pivotal mental wars
Are silently being fought
In the colossal spaces
The battlefields of thought

All that was desired
Will no longer be sought
By those who reside
In that space between thought

Should you wish to learn
That which can never be taught
Listen to the voices
Echoing the space between thought

The Great Unmeaning And the universe’s plots Are all tucked away In…

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I have no idea how this is related to learning life. Google believes it is. I believe it is pretty

As I hit enter and the Tableau workbook surfs through the air and optic cables making its way to my manager, it marks my first major assignment at my new job and culminates in my first month at the firm. My thoughts drift towards the magic of learning. To understand why we have to go back a couple of years. What started with learning entrepreneurship in an MBA institute, snowballed into amassing more than 15 different skills, learning everything and anything that my brain could dig its neurons into. …

Ravishu Punia

Cyber shaman

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